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Umm, is my pc broken or what? I can't see the update.

You need to pay for the update. You get it on his patreon


It doesn't work properly with the itch app, so for convienince  I just pinned it to my taskbar

How did you get your game to be an exe file

You have to open the .zip and extract it.

when will you update it to the epic cool game you posted on yt 1 day ago?

I hope this is cool

Mac support pls


I forgor :skull:

it was fun

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realy eazy 3/5



Cool game ps can you play my game big fan



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Original Idea from SLKSparky, i like his idea

Add a Store that randomly generates in the saved world and sells things like guns, even more stone, wood, etc.




Where is linux support? I cant play :sademoji:


"i probably won't survive"

i can't survive this even on the original version

make a base in the rock

Deleted 53 days ago

like he will give it to you

you should add a store where you purchase weapons also you should let boss come every 10 rounds and they should drop loot

add a ice monster in the game if hit you can't move for 3 seconds.

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u need to update this pls

the best game ever



cant even spell right and u are saying it sucks

Whats dis


i think you forgot to update bruh



Shut up flattercomb you can't even make snake in 2 weeks you fucking idiot

whose flatter comb is IT you?

im not him but i made snake in 3 hours

took me an extra 6 hours to add a story

Hi! I’m here to make a suggestion that would likely make this game a lot better in my opinion, A way to modify in game textures without well having to go onto the Files, I think that big pretty cool apart from that of course add the full screen button once you add those things I am completely fine with everything about the game :)


ummmmmmmmmm. I. HAVE. A. VERY. BIG. PROBLEM. I was about to win with more than 3000 points! Then, I accidentally click the outside of the window, and lose! PLease, badgamedev, please!!! Please make fullscreen option! PLEEEASE!!!!!!!!

That sucks

Man that sucks.... I hope you have a good day

Sad. Yes he needs to make his games fullscreen.


add a mobile version

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I survived, with a score of [something around 300], and THEN, I almost survived with 2115!


bad game dev is a bad game dev

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I'm thinking if you add a tower that can fight enemies for you and you can upgrade walls into like it's wood then stone then silver then gold then diamond then God who knows also the same with the towers  if you can upgrade the towers this is a suggestion 

ay tbh that would be great and add some more weapens and better quality full screen improve everything add online it would be a awsome game

hello I am a big fan bad game dev

here is your fan XD

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make it so you can play in browser


what if there was a boat that  led you to more islands

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